Tea Towel Bar (Original)

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Did you know that drier tea towels have less bacteria growth.

The most hygienic way to hang tea towels is to suspend them in air, to dry quickly. T-air towel bars have proven to dry tea towels faster than conventional rails, rings or hooks. Designed to improve the hygiene of your tea towel and dishes.

This model is slim, sleek and minimalist, ideal for screwing into either the inside or outside cupboard door. If you prefer a more functional model then check-out our Edge tea towel bar with a shelf and two extra hooks.

Install them next to the sink, and then you don't have to drip water on the floor whilst reaching for the tea towel on the oven door handle!.

 P.S. Don't forget you can even have your own custom colour tea towel bar.

Length: 310mm

Width: 43mm

Distance between screw holes: 60mm

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