Shower Shelf (Shaver & Toothbrush)

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The best shower shelf on the market when it comes to skin health, functionality and style..

The most hygienic way to store ALL your showering items, including shavers and toothbrushes.

Four front hooks for all those showering items that need to dry fast so as to prevent mould and bacteria breeding in them - facecloth, shower puff, loofah, and body glove.

Four side slots for hygienically storing shavers, razors and toothbrushes.

Two back hooks for the shower cap, squeegee and anything else that doesn't need to be suspended in air for hygiene reasons.

Drainage slots so water doesn't pool on the shelf.

Your daily shower becomes so much more enjoyable having ALL your showering items stored in one place, creating a more aesthetic bathroom.

Our matte white is the most popular colour as it blends in with most tiles, but please remember you have the option to choose any custom colour to match your decor. 

Length: 430mm

Width: 118mm

Distance between screw holes: 220mm

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