Shower Shelf (Facecloth)

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Help prevent mould and bacteria growing in your facecloth, loofah, shower-puff and body glove by suspending them in air, to dry fast. The faster they dry the less mould and bacteria growth.

The two eyelets and two hooks at the front are for all those items that need to be hung for hygiene reasons (facecloths, loofahs, shower puffs,  exfoliating gloves etc)

The two back hooks are for things like squeegee, shower cap. and anything else you use that doesn't need to be suspended in air for hygiene.

Drainage slots stop water pooling on the shelf.

Make your daily shower more enjoyable and improve bathroom aesthetics, by storing all your showering items in one place.

You even have the option to choose your own custom colour - blend in with your wall colour, or maybe for a pop of colour.

Photos show the how people are using these sleek, functional shower shelves, designed for hygiene.. 

Length: 400mm

Width: 118mm

Distance between screw holes: 220mm

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