Laundry Shelf

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A super functional laundry shelf designed for towel and cloth hygiene.


The most hygienic way to store your hand towels and cloths  - suspended in air to dry quickly.


The 310mm * 85mm shelf is perfect for hand soap, plug, sunscreen, and any of those items you use on a regular basis.

The back two hooks are great for the peg basket, keys, hats etc.

A great place to install this compact, functional shelf is close to the laundry tub, so your hand towel is within easy reach - just think no more drying hands on your clothes, or dripping water on the floor!

Every sink in the house needs a hygienic hand towel close by. 


Currently our white is the most popular colour of this slimline shelf, as people prefer it blending in with their white walls, but please remember you have the choice to select your own custom colour.

Length: 310mm

Width: 90mm

Distance between screw holes: 230mm

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