Hand or Tea Towel Bar (Edge)

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The most hygienic tea towel or hand towel is one that dries fastest, as they have less bacteria in them. T-air towel bars have proven to dry towels faster than conventional rails, rings or hooks, as they spread your towel out to dry quickly, rather than scrunched or folded.

Install these towel bars on the kitchen wall next to the sink or inside the cupboard doors and your hand towels and tea towels will have maximum air exposure to dry fast. You can hang two tea towels from one towel bar which still dries them faster than a conventional hook. Place anything you like on the shelf and hook to add the personal and practical touch.  

The optional shelf is currently available in wood or powder-coated aluminium. 


Front hanging bar: 300mm * 30mm
Back screw plates with hooks:  30mm * 25mm
Distance between screw holes:  147mm   
Distance from wall: 55mm

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