Our Story

With Claire’s new home under construction, the pressure was on to come up with a solution to a very common bathroom problem;  towels not drying quickly, becoming smelly and unhygienic.

After many sleepless creative nights, Claire designed a unique style of towel bar that mimicked how people hang towels on the washing line - spread wide, full length and away from the wall, which were then installed in her new bathrooms.

These towel bars were so effective that friends and the Master Builder judges insisted she patent her design. The rest is history as they say; T-air was born (towels suspended in air). 

Following controlled performance testing of the T-air towel bars, which confirmed towels dry 50% faster than conventional towel rails, this encouraged Claire to design more products that solve other common household problems, of which the T-air shower shelf is now her most popular creation.

The T-air goal is to transform the way we accessorise our bathrooms, with equal priority given to style, functionality, and hygiene. Conventional bathroom fixtures are outdated because neither design nor functionality have been upgraded for decades. T-air fixtures outperform traditional bathroom accessories in all categories.

Claire welcomes and listens to customers' feedback in order to continuously create new products that provide additional functionality, that can be used throughout the whole home.

“I love to make peoples’ daily routines easier and more enjoyable by challenging the status quo and working with customers to create functional stylish home fixtures”

The T-air Mission:

  • ‘Challenge the status quo’ when it comes to home fixtures as home decor trends quite often compromise practicality.
  • Create a circular economy: reduce waste, recycle, reuse.
  • Listen to customers' feedback about their daily routines, then create practical, functional fixtures that make their lives easier and more enjoyable.
  • Ensure our manufacturing stays in Australia
  • Empower the community with  new home build tips/traps, to help others embarking on this journey.