Process Engineer to Bathroom Specialist!

My wildest dreams would never have predicted this!

A career as an engineer in the mining industry, to a Business Coach volunteer, to a Bathroom Specialist! Is it fate, or, maybe my enduring passion to solve problems, help others and be creative?

One thing for sure, it would never have happened if we hadn’t built a new home. Rather than allow many common bathroom problems to exist in my new home, I solved them by DESIGN. 

After being approached by many friends, acquaintances and others to solve their bathroom problems, I exchanged volunteering my expertise as a Business Coach, to volunteering my help with bathroom design. This passion to educate and help people with their bathroom projects was taken to the next level when COVID-19 was on our doorstep, and the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the virus spread.

Continually researching bathrooms, I find listening to the detail of people’s daily bathroom experiences is the most rewarding, but unfortunately it also raises a couple of key concerns around bathroom design. First, knowing that a range of scientific studies have confirmed significant bacterial growth in many of the items people use daily to wash and dry themselves; and second, seeing a ‘disconnect’ between current bathroom trends and ‘reality’!

Now established as a recognised bathroom specialist, my vision is that all bathrooms built from today onwards are more hygienic, more functional and more enjoyable. I have a strong sense of responsibility to educate others that simple bathroom design alternatives can achieve this.

Speaking to those building or renovating, along with builders and interior designers, I also understand how the detail in bathroom design is quite often overlooked as part of the building/renovation process. By closing this gap in the process, I am confident that all new stylish bathrooms will become more hygienic, more functional, and more enjoyable.

I love it when clients tell me about the hygiene benefits they have experienced from implementing simple bathroom design alternatives that we brainstormed together!

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