Our Story

Shocked that her trusted friend ‘Google’ couldn’t find the solution to a very common bathroom problem, and with Claire’s new home under construction, the pressure was on to come up with a solution to this bathroom problem. Claire was determined that under no circumstance was the ‘damp smelly towel problem’ allowed to exist in her new home!

Many sleepless, creative nights later, finally a design that might work! Some help from her fabricator friend Kevin, two new towel bars were manufactured. Not knowing whether this new design would work or not, after much deliberation the towel bars were installed. Much to her husband’s surprise, not only did they actually work, he actually found them easy to use!

Happy with the performance of these towel bars, Claire got on with life creating artwork for her new home. Before long, Claire buckled under much pressure from friends and Master Builder judges to patent this design. The rest is history as they say; T-air was born (towels suspended in air).

What Claire quickly learnt was how many other people have the same damp smelly towel problem. Following controlled performance testing of the T-air product, faster drying towels were confirmed. Spurred by this success, Claire has been confident to create more designs solving other common problems. Listening to peoples’ feedback new products are constantly being created with additional functionality features which can be used throughout the whole home.

“We love to make peoples’ daily routines easier and more enjoyable by challenging the status quo and working with customers to create functional stylish home fixtures”


Our Passions

  • ‘Challenge the status quo’ when it comes to home fixtures as we know that marketing fashions and trends, quite often compromise practicality.
  • A circular economy: reduce waste, recycle, reuse.
  • Listening to how people t go about  their daily routines, then create practical / functional fixtures that make their  lives easier and more enjoyable.
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Empower the community with  new home build tips/traps, to help others embarking on this journey.