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What are T-air products made from?
  • Manufactured on the Gold Coast, Australia, T-air products are made from marine grade aluminium, followed by an industrial grade powder coating.
How do your products attach to the wall?
Are your products environmentally friendly?
  • Yes, they are the most environmentally friendly bathroom accessories on the market. 
  • Proven to dry towels faster, thus preventing bacteria growth, the required frequency of washing is reduced, saving power, water and detergent. No need for heated towel rails that consume power!
  • Chrome plating of conventional bathroom accessories uses hexavalent chromium, which is widely known to be carcinogenic to humans and animals and poses a risk to the environment if not handled properly. (ScienceDirect Chrome Plating, Hazards of Chrome Plating, Nov 2018



Where can I buy your products?
  • We are primarily an online business, but we are happy to manage your order via email and electronic bank transfer if that is your preference. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your requirements.



What payment options do you offer?
  • Credit card, PayPal or electronic funds transfer (please refer to the bottom of the Shop Now page).
What are the shipping charges?
  • We deliver via courier throughout Australia. The charge is a flat rate of AU$16.00 to all metropolitan areas, and AU$26.00 to non-metropolitan areas (please refer to the bottom of the Shop Now page).
  • We are happy to ship products internationally. Please email or phone us to discuss.