Dermatologist warning, doesn’t mean you have to ditch it!


Shower puff, pouf, loofah, scrunchy, bath puff – whatever you call them – beware the health impacts!  If you can’t live without your colourful shower puff, here’s how to keep it more hygienic.

Why Dermatologists warn us about shower puffs

“Despite the supposed benefits of a shower puff – getting rid of dead skin cells, boosting circulation – they could, in fact, be bad news for your health”. Checkout these articles (Do you know what's growing in your loofah? Why dermatologists don't use loofahs, The reality behind your shower puff....)

In summary, bacteria and mould love breeding in the nooks and crannies of these exfoliators. The key to reducing the growth of these nasty micro-organisms, is to dry them quickly. The quicker they dry, the less bacteria and mould growth.

Why do shower puffs stay damp?

Taking a look at where people store their puffs, it’s no wonder they stay damp! If they’re hung over the tap or shower frame, every time someone showers, water splashes over them. Plus, being up against the wall, they struggle to breathe!

At least the latest shower trends have the taps located away from the shower-head. This definitely helps the water splash situation, but the poor puff is still struggling to dry against the wall, and it doesn’t stop the frustration of dangling shower puffs hindering access to taps!  

Why hang them on taps?

To be quite blunt, the reason we hang them on shower taps and frames is because there’s nowhere else to hang them (unless you have a shower caddy). The minimalist bathroom trends of today, with shower niches, ledges or slimline shelves, mean it’s either the tap, or sitting on the niche or ledge in a pool of water!

What’s the best option for the most hygienic puff?

The best way of helping prevent bacteria and mould from breeding in YOUR shower puff, is to suspend it in air to dry quickly, away from the shower splash. The T-air shower shelves are specifically designed to do this, meaning fewer nasties.  

The perfect match

You can still have your beautiful ‘on-trend’ niche or ledge. Just add this shelf so you can have the best of both worlds. If it's good enough for the dermatologists, it's good enough for you and I! Let's give our shower puffs, loofahs and facecloths some room to breathe.

See the range of T-air shower shelves here.

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