Shower Caddy – frustrating, but it does have one benefit!

JULY 2022

The most common shower caddy is one that hangs over the shower-head or glass frame. Even though most people renovating or building a new bathroom wouldn’t consider a caddy, I’ve included them in this series of blogs because they do have one key benefit over other shower shelves. On the other hand, because so many people find them frustrating, hopefully this blog serves as a friendly reminder how not to get caught out when creating your new bathroom.

showerhead caddycaddy

What’s the one thing a caddy has over the ledge or niche?

It’s the two hooks at the bottom to hang shower-puffs and other exfoliators. These colourful puffs that dermatologists warn us about, need to dry between use to stop mould and bacteria breeding in them.  With ledges and niches, there’s nowhere to hang them, so they end up hanging over the taps or shower frame, getting damp every time someone uses the shower. 

Despite this benefit - why is a shower caddy so frustrating?

Having experienced both types myself, along with constantly hearing other peoples’ frustrations, here’s a list of the common problems:

  • “Bottles constantly falling over.”
  • “Rust, rust and more rust, even when they say they’re made out of stainless steel.”
  • “Every time I press down on my soap pump bottle – everything tips over.”
  • “To clean it properly, I basically have to empty it and take out of shower.”
  • “Soap scum dribbles down onto my loofah and shaver.”
  • “They always look cluttered and disgusting.”

If people get frustrated with them, why are there so many around?

Well, there are a few reasons:

  • Overwhelmed with making decisions when renovating or building a new home, the humble shower shelf is often forgotten until too late. Permanent shower shelves require various wall-framing adjustments before the plaster walls are sheeted, so they need to be discussed with builders before construction starts.
  • Unfortunately, quite a few investment renovators (‘flippers’) choose to save money by not installing any shelf – leaving it up to the renter to get their own caddy. All I can say to these investment renovators is this: “If your son or daughter was going to rent your investment property, do you think they would appreciate the daily caddy frustrations?”
  • The shower niche has been built too small – providing insufficient storage.
  • Cost – a shower caddy is generally the cheapest option.
  • “Too scared to drill holes through tiles”. Well, I hear this a lot, but like everything, if you use the right tools, the task is easy with negligible risk of damaging the tiles.

Basically, it comes down to people underestimating the importance of a permanent shower shelf, so it’s quite easy to forget about them in the bathroom design stage.

If a shower caddy is the only option – which one’s best?

As per any shower shelf, the best location is away from the water splash so things stay dry. The shower-head caddy gets splashed with water every time someone takes a shower. The shower frame caddy (see image below) doesn’t get as much splash. Plus, the shower frame caddy has two arms holding it more firmly in position so the bottles don’t seem to fall over as much!

The frame caddy wins out by staying drier and it has a bit more support – it’s not as wobbly, plus this model normally has two hooks on the outside for towels.

shower caddy

Don’t get caught out!

Prevent showering frustrations and improve aesthetics by including a permanent shelf into your new bathroom. Ledge, niche, nib wall and screw-in shower shelves make for a far more enjoyable showering experience.

This means plan it at the start, before construction begins, and most importantly inform your builder of this detail. My shower niche is a classic example of not informing the builder of the detail, until it was too late!

The benefit of the caddy in modern bathroom accessories

As mentioned above, the biggest benefit of the caddy is being able to hang your shower-puff on the hooks for fastest drying. The slim and stylish T-air shower shelves are designed to solve the problem of mould and bacteria breeding in your puffs, washers, exfoliating gloves, facecloths and loofahs.

the most hygienic shower shelfdesigned for skin health

Don’t underestimate the importance of shower shelves

Apart from eliminating the frustration of having the shampoo and conditioner on the floor, shower shelves can have a big impact on skin hygiene, bathroom aesthetics and your overall showering experience.

Prevent the shower caddy frustrations by considering a ledgenichenib wall, or wall-mounted shelf.

I hope this series of shower shelf blogs has helped you decide which shower shelf is the best option for your new bathroom! Feel free to email me if you would like more information.

 Note: As per all my blog posts, some of the photos are ‘real’ rather than ‘staged’, so please don’t get turned off if they don’t appeal to you. My focus is on solving real bathroom problems.

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