Perfect Fixtures for Small Bathrooms

Renovating or building a small bathroom here are some great new fixtures which solve many small bathroom problems.


Problem 1:

Limited vanity space = "where do I store my toiletries and personal items?"


Solution 1:

Install towel bars with shelf and hooks incorporated in design. Store your toiletries on the shelf and hang your clothes on the hooks whilst showering.


Problem 2:

Limited wall space to install conventional towel rails (600-900mm wide) so hooks are the only option. Towels don't dry properly becoming smelly from mould and bacteria growth!


Solution 2:

Install T-air towel bars which are only 430mm wide and have proven to dry towels 40% faster than conventional towel rails and 100% faster than hooks.


Problem 3:

Spare toilet rolls are stored in a container on the floor so you don't get caught with your pants down when toilet paper runs out part way through your business! The container clutters your bathroom space and makes it harder to clean the floor.

Solution 3:

Install the T-air double toilet roll holder and you will never get caught with pants down! By having no container on the floor your bathroom will feel far more spacious and will be easier to clean.

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Claire Lawson

Claire Lawson is the resident designer and creator of all things T-air. She is driven by a strong sense of responsibility to educate others that bathroom design should not be based purely on aesthetics. Conventional bathroom décor is outdated and unhygienic, and Claire is passionate about builders, renovators and designers considering hygiene as a key criterion in their bathroom design.