Hand Hygiene and Hand Towels

JULY 2020

COVID-19 has reinforced the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses. With this in mind, I’m sure those of you renovating or building a new bathroom are keen to install bathroom accessories that promote hygiene, particularly hand hygiene. Let’s take a look at hand towel bathroom fixtures to see which ones are best for hygiene whilst maintaining bathroom functionality and aesthetics.  

To start with, research around hand hygiene reveals the following:

Moving away from the scientific facts and back to browsing through Pinterest, Google and Instagram, the most popular bathroom fixtures for hand towels are the conventional ring, rail, hook, or even no holder at all! Which one do you think dries hand towels faster and is best for hand hygiene?

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It is common knowledge that the quickest way to dry anything is to spread it out wide for maximum air exposure.  With this in mind, when building our new home I designed my own towel bars which simulate how the majority of people around the world hang their laundry on the washing line; spread wide, full length, and away from the wall for fastest drying.

Happy that my towels dried faster on the new towel bars, it was only when COVID-19 hit and reinforced the importance of hand hygiene to prevent the spread of the virus, that I felt a renewed sense of responsibility to inform people about the most hygienic way to hang hand towels. How could I sleep at night knowing that people are building a new home or renovating, and are installing outdated and obsolete hand towel holders that have been superseded by the more stylish and hygienic towel bar?

These Australian made hand towel bars are proven to dry towels twice as fast as conventional rings, rails or hooks. Having the additional functionality of a shelf and hooks to de-clutter the vanity area, both the bathroom aesthetics are enhanced and cleaning made easier. Since the towel is held firmly suspended in air with the whole towel available to dry your hands, you don’t waste time pulling the towel off the ring or hook in an attempt to find a dry area of the towel to dry your hands.

Hand hygiene is all about drying your hands with hygienic towels.

The latest, most hygienic and functional hand towel bar:

If you are building or renovating why not do the safest thing for you, your family and guests by installing stylish hand towel bars which focus on hygiene, functionality, bathroom aesthetics and the environment?

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