Bathroom Trends - Toilet Roll Holders


Building our new home and getting many inspirational ideas from Pinterest, Google and Instagram, I started to question whether the on-trend bathroom designs are compromising personal hygiene and the functionality of bathrooms? Even though we may dream of relaxing in the bathtub, the majority of us like to get in and out of the bathroom as quickly as possible! Yes, we all like style and aesthetics but it is the functionality of the room that determines how enjoyable our daily bathroom experience will be.

This prompted me to do some deep dives into a variety of bathroom fixtures, checking in to see if they help create functional bathrooms whilst not impacting on hygiene or the overall aesthetics.

Following on from the Shower Shelf Deep Dive comparing trending shower shelves, let’s take a deep dive into another bathroom fixture: the essential toilet roll holder.

Firstly, it helps to think about the useability of the toilet roll holder. The open spacious bathrooms seen on Pinterest and Instagram quite often have the toilet paper holder located on the wall behind the toilet. Maybe that’s fine for the contortionists or those super-flexible yogis, but it definitely puts me at risk of an injury whilst reaching for the toilet paper!

Browsing the many inspirational bathroom photographs online shows the toilet roll holder continues to be a single holder matching the bathroom décor as seen in the images below.

Despite bathroom trends becoming more minimalist with clean lines and less clutter, the majority of bathrooms and powder-rooms have a container sitting on the floor with spare toilet paper, so we don’t get ‘caught with our pants down’ when the toilet paper runs out!

These containers are a total misfit in the modern bathroom. They create clutter, destroy the aesthetics, and generate other problems, such as:

  • awkward and frustrating routine bathroom floor cleans,
  • a potential target for little boys,
  • some people use them as a rubbish bin,
  • great entertainment for toddlers – and at times, pets!

A very simple solution to these problems is to install a double toilet roll holder.

Stylish, functional and modern, the double toilet roll holder will significantly enhance your bathroom aesthetics and even hygiene. Installing one in your new bathroom or powder-room will create the sleek minimalist vibe many of us are looking for. The floor area around the toilet will be clear, easy to clean and will not be accumulating germs and dust. No need to curse other household members who have used the last of the toilet paper, because your backup is right at hand. You can even have a His and Hers rolls to combat the toilet roll ‘over or under’ arguments in the household!

When designing your new bathroom it is important to factor in the detail of even the smallest of bathroom fixtures such as the humble toilet roll holder. Again, even though aesthetics and style are key to your bathroom it is the functionality and hygiene that make your daily bathroom routines easier and more enjoyable. Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference in life!

From this second deep dive into bathroom fixtures it is becoming apparent that conventional bathroom fixtures are not keeping up with modern bathroom trends and are actually negatively impacting, not only on personal hygiene but also bathroom functionality and aesthetics.

With this in mind, I encourage you to check out my previous Blog on hand towels and hand hygiene.

Sharing my experience

Due to hygiene, function and aesthetics the double toilet roll holder was on the ‘Must Have’ list for our new home build. To my surprise they were hard to source with only a very limited range available, so from the unexpected evolution of more hygienic and functional bathroom accessories this inspired me to design a stylish sleek double toilet roll holder that blends into every bathroom décor.

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