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Accessories for modern bathrooms

Leading the way in skin health and tidy spaces

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Unique Australian made towel rails & accessories

Designed to reduce mould and bacteria growing in your bathroom. Stylish accessories, leading the way in skin health and functionality.

Wash and dry your skin with confidence

Prevent mould and bacteria breeding in your facecloth, loofah, shower puff, exfoliating gloves, towels and cloths.

Suspend them in air to dry fast - far more hygienic.

Top 3 Best Sellers

Relaxing by the pool and family BBQ's have obviuosly been front of everyone;s mind, as our outdoor shower shelf and BBQ shelf have been extremely popular over the summer months.

We're pleasantly suprised to see that people now recognise the huge benefit of a double toilet roll holder - demand is steady and strong - keeping it in our top 3 best sellers.

What our customers are saying

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  • Kathryn, Townsville

    "Very excited, my shower puff doesn’t go mouldy anymore since hanging it on my T-air shower shelf"

    Jacky, Perth

    "Oh Claire, I really notice my towels dry so much faster"

  • Audrey, Sunshine Coast

    "Love my T-air products, our ensuite feels so much more spacious and less cluttered"

    Bruce, Townsville

    "Our T-air shower shelf has made showering so much easier and enjoyable"

  • Merice, Townsville

    Our toilet room feels much more spacious and decluttered with our T-air toilet roll holder. Plus it's so much easier & quicker to clean the floor.

    Eileen, Townsville

    Once I saw how T-Air worked in the bathroom, I then installed some in our kitchen and laundry.

Wherever you use a towel or cloth

Skin health for your family, pets, and even your pride and joy sitting in your garage! Functional shelves, storing everything in one place, within easy reach. Style to suit any decor