Creating more hygienic and functional bathrooms

Stylish fixtures for your new bathroom that are more hygienic for you and your family and make your daily bathroom experience easier and more enjoyable by having the next level of functionality

Check-out these quality Australian made bathroom accessories making sure you don't miss our most popular item; the most hygienic and practical shower shelf.

Bathroom Health and Hygiene FACTS

Mould and bacteria micro-organisms absolutely love breeding in damp material, creating many health problems. Studies across the world have proven the faster your bath and hand towel, facecloth, puffball, loofah etc dry the less mould and bacteria growth.

You now have the opportunity to stop washing and drying your beautiful body with unhygienic materials.

How to prevent your towels from becoming unhygienic

By hanging your towels wide, full length, away from the wall they will dry significantly faster than folded over a rail or hung on a hook. 

T-air towel bars simulate how the majority of people around the world hang their laundry on the washing line and have proven to dry towels 40% faster than conventional rails.

Value add functionality

Taking functionality to the next level with shelf and hooks incorporated, making them just perfect for bathrooms with limited vanity or storage space.

This Edge collection is available in both bath and hand towel sizes.

Quality and so easy to use

  • Very easy to hang and retrieve towel
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Marine grade aluminium with industrial grade powder-coating
  • Lightweight, strong and durable with no moving parts
  • Easy to install – 2 screws only

Colour ways to match your style

All T-air products compliment each other, providing a sleek, stylish look throughout your whole home, with the option to individually match the different décor of each room. Choose a colour that blends in with your wall colour, or bring a pop of colour into your room.

The full range of T-air products are currently available in the timeless black and white, or you can customise the colour of all the T-air products in your Cart for one additional fee of $99 (incl. GST) per colour.

T-air products are useful just about anywhere!

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