Renovating your bathroom?

Do you want to create a bathroom that improves your family's health and wellbeing?

As bathroom specialists we solve many common bathroom problems with simple design alternatives. If you are like most people and 'just put up with' common bathroom problems, renovating is the perfect opportunity to implement solutions so they don't exist in your beautiful new bathroom. Aesthetics, function and hygiene are important when it comes to enjoying your daily personal hygiene routines.

SOLUTIONS to many bathroom PROBLEMS

These are the most common problems people ask us to tackle:

  • Mould, mildew and bacterial growth
  • Children leaving towels on the floor
  • Damp, smelly towels requiring frequent washing
  • Loose and wobbly towel rails and toilet roll holders
  • Limited storage in small bathrooms
  • How to choose the most suitable shower head

Whatever your bathroom challenge, we are more than happy to try to solve it by design.

How we can help you

One Consultation is all you will need to create a far more functional and hygienic bathroom. Generally these take the format of either facetime Zoom or Messenger sessions, or if you live in Townsville, Queensland we prefer to come to you.

  • Email your preferred time for a discounted consultation
  • Checkout our never ending bathroom tips on Instagram
  • Read our information blogs

Latest blog: 'Bathroom Renovation - Design Tips that help prevent mould'

Before you engage a Builder or Interior Designer

Builders construct, whilst interior designers focus on home decor. When it comes to bathrooms, even though we all use them at least twice a day, quite often the details of the bathroom are overlooked during the building/renovating process. It is these details that make all the difference when it comes to 'liveability' and enjoying your personal hygiene routines.

After one consultation with Claire you will have all the information you need to then engage a builder to construct you a new bathroom that is far more enjoyable than any other bathroom you have ever used.

Stylish essentials focusing on HYGIENE

Claire's passion to help people create bathrooms that improve health and wellbeing has inspired her to design a range of accessories with equal priority given to style, functionality and hygiene.

With so many people seduced by the stylised bathroom photos on the internet, social media and magazines, her blogs help remind people of the importance of function and hygiene, when designing their new, stylish bathrooms.

Why install outdated bathroom accessories into your new bathroom when they have been superseded by a stylish, functional and hygienic alternative?

Helping the environment

We prioritise solutions that are friendliest on the environment, which generally speaking are also friendlier on your money. 

    • less energy, water and chemicals

      For all towels and cloths throughout your home

      Don't limit your thinking to the bathroom, think of all those other rooms in your home where you use a towel or cloth of any description. Not only more hygienic but also so handy with shelf and hooks: 

      • hand towel next to the kitchen and laundry sinks
      • tea towels in the kitchen
      • hand towel or tea towel next to your BBQ
      • car and bike cleaning cloths in your 'mancave'
      • pet towels in the laundry or garage 

      T-air products are useful just about anywhere!

      Pool Area
      Man Cave